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8 Benefits of Outsourcing to the Philippines

The Philippines has become one of the most important IT hubs in the world, probably next to India, and that’s for a reason: outsourcing to the Philippines is awesome for your company.

In our recent blog post, we mentioned how outsourcing can help you cut costs without having to compromise the quality of service and work delivered to your customers. Here, we’re giving you 8 more Benefits of Outsourcing to the Philippines.

1. Globally competitive professionals
It’s a household joke in the Philippines that every family has at least one family member who works abroad as a nurse, a domestic helper, an engineer, or whatnot. In fact, as of September 2014, there were 2.3 million overseas Filipino workers globally. The reason this is prevalent in the Philippines is that the Filipino skills are at par with worldwide standards.

2. High educational attainment
The Philippines has a high adult literacy rate of 95.4%. Currently, there are 2,080 higher education institutions (i.e., colleges and universities) in the Philippines, with most of the population being able to send their kids to school in part due to the very affordable college tuition fees. This means that most Filipinos have a high educational attainment of at least an undergraduate college degree.

3. Positive work ethics
One of the biggest reasons that Filipinos are a favorite by foreigners is their hard-working and passionate nature. Filipinos have the natural tendency to work hard no matter how small the job is, and ensure that things are done well, if not excellently. Filipinos are one of the friendliest and most hospitable people in the world as well.

4. Cultural compatibility
The Philippines has been under the reign of several nations, including the USA, Japan, and Spain. Through the years, the mix of American, Japanese, and Spanish cultures have been ingrained in the Filipino blood, which makes them one of the most resilient and versatile races in the world. That said, the Philippine culture is highly compatible with the American culture, which makes it easier for us to adjust with our American and international customers.

5. Government support
Outsourcing to the Philippines is relevantly easy because the Philippine government offers assistance to foreign companies who want to set up business here. Offshore companies likes SkyRockIT has run smoothly and legally without difficulty, thanks to government support. Perks like discount in taxes have made it possible for many outsourcing companies to offer lower rates to customers.

6. Economic growth and stability
Outsourcing to the Philippines is a worthwhile investment, because the Philippine economy has been performing superbly for the past years. To drop numbers, the average GDP for the past three years is 5.9%, and that’s amidst natural disasters (i.e., Typhoon Haiyan and earthquakes). According to East Asia Forum, the economic growth rate for 2015 to 2016 is 7% to 8%—an assurance for outsourcing companies that business will be going well, and for customers that you are investing good money to a proliferating economy.

7. Cost competitive advantage
Given some of the reasons we mentioned earlier—government support and economic state—outsourcing to the Philippines means that you’re paying a fraction of the cost for the same quality of manpower here, compared to what could have cost you thousands of dollars elsewhere. This is the major advantage that we deem important for outsourcing: paying less without sacrificing the quality of work.

8. Highly skilled and available workforce
Filipinos have hoards of talent and a passion to work hard and work well. They are not only well educated and competent, they are also more than willing to help customers and deliver more than what’s expected of them.

We’re more than confident that you’re convinced why outsourcing to the Philippines has many benefits, possibly more than the eight that we discussed so far. If you want to learn more about outsourcing certain aspects of your company—may it be web development, web design, graphic design, motion graphics, video production, or mobile app development —give us a call or shoot us an email.